Connected Home

Residential Connected Home

Honeywell Home Security products give you convenience and awareness 24/7 with a remote service control. Honeywell Total Connect® uses cloud engagement to connect to the most dynamic accessories for your smart connected home.

skybell-video-doorbell.jpgSkyBell® Video Doorbell

You can remotely check your doorbell with the Honeywell Total Connect™ app and see, hear and speak to visitors via your mobile device including IPhone® and IPad® using the SkyBell HD app.

august-smart-lock.jpg Smart Locks

The popular August Smart Lock system lets customers remotely lock and unlock their doors using the Honeywell Total Connect app on their mobile devices. See who is standing at your door, create a code-based home entry and have the door unlock as your approach – the August Smart Lock is simple and yet very secure.

connected-thermostat.jpgHoneywell’s Connected Thermostats

Energy saving solutions, comfort and control can be achieved with Honeywell’s variety of smart home thermostats, accessible from the Total Connect 2.0 app on your iOS devices.


Use a zWave light switch or lamp / appliance module to control devices when you are not at home.  Setup scenes with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 and have your home turn on your lights and adjust your heat before you pull in the driveway.

Video Alarm Verification with tOTAL CONNECT

Video Alarm Verification is supported with integrated products with the Honeywell Total Connect portfolio. Video Alarm Verification helps central station monitors to look in and see what caused and alarm, helping to ensure that an emergency response team is prepared with the information prior to their on-site arrival.

Using a remote services platform to stay connected to your home is part of the life-enhancing solutions from Honeywell. At Victoria Alarm Service, we can connect your home to a dynamic ecosystem of products, making all of your home devices more convenient and secure.