Commercial Security and Monitoring Services for Victoria and South Vancouver Island

Our integrated security solutions from Honeywell are specifically designed for commercial users. Understanding the business market and creating solutions is what Honeywell products do best. Victoria Alarm Service can provide you with the best end-to-end solutions for any commercial application.

Video Surveillance. Alarm Response Service. 24-hour ULC Monitoring

Protect your company with our commercial security systems:

  • Enhance security for your business
  • Minimize corporate loss and liability
  • Protect your personnel and customers

Your security system can range from a basic commercial alarm system to a sophisticated integrated system with alarms, access control and video surveillance.

Access Control

Controlling who enters and exits your business and moves about the premises is a top priority for many commercial businesses. With access control, you can have security that is a simple alarm enter/exit or a scanner or smart-card system. With access control, you can also monitor employee attendance and track time. Victoria Alarm Service can provide you with right combination of security and door control in settings such as retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, medical offices and more.

Video Surveillance

Honeywell Video products deliver sophisticated security solutions, providing you with a wide range of video integration products. Your business video surveillance system can be simple or more advanced depending on your business demands and budget. Contact your Victoria Alarm representative for more information on video surveillance for your business.

Alarm Monitoring Services

With our 24-hour ULC monitoring, we provide your business with the best monitoring protection.

We have the latest field-proven technology that is advanced, reliable, and cost-effective for your security protection. We will ensure that your business is always secure. Contact us today for a quote.