Home Security and Automation, Hands-Free Voice Control, Video Viewing/Recording.

Customized solutions for Home Automation can bring your home to life. Advanced home security and enabled thermostats, lights, locks and more can be controlled on smartphones, tablets or other compatible devices. Remote video viewing on your smartphone or tablet can help you to stay informed with the ability to view live video of your premises. Bring your home to life with Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch - an advanced home security and automation controller, video camera/recorder and voice-enabled system.

Security. Voice. Video. Lighting. Locks. Thermostats. Shades.


Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services allows you to control your home automation system from almost anywhere. Personally configure your device to suit your lifestyle, comforts and needs. Once activated, it can instantly perform a range of tasks such as arming your security system, controlling lights, thermostats, locks and more.

With Honeywell Total Connect™, you can:

  • Control your enabled lighting, locks, thermostats and shades
  • Receive notifications of events in and around your home via email, text messages or video alerts
  • Know when your children have arrived home from school or if they haven’t arrived home by a certain time – even lock and unlock the door for them remotely
  • Environmental monitoring - know if extreme temperatures have been detected, or a flood has occurred
  • Notification if valuable objects have been moved

Remote Video Viewing

Remote video viewing helps you to stay informed with the ability to view live video of the premises.


  • Check up on your home, family, housekeepers, pets, contractors and more
  • Keep a watchful eye over backyards and front doors any time
  • View up to eight cameras at a time*
  • Monitor your home in low-light or dark environments with indoor low-light cameras*
    *Honeywell Total Connect™ cameras required.

With Home Automation, you are in total control of your home. Contact Victoria Alarm Service in the Victoria area to help you bring your home to life with a customized solution that can work with your lifestyle and budget.